Invisible Tiny House Terrarium


A vessel to hold whatever you envision. This tiny home is suitable for housing a terrarium (as it is water-tight); however, you may keep what you wish inside (money, candy, dried flowers, etc).

- Made to order, with a turn around of 1-2 weeks.
- Is handmade and has qualities of a handmade item. Acrylic may have small marks/scratches on it (as part of the manufacture process).
- Approximate dimensions are 22cm tall, 17cm wide, 13cm deep.
- Roof is removable for ease of use.
- Points of interest: Cats playing in the windows, flower box on 'upper floor' window is in bloom, door wreath and cat door details on the front 'door', 'Home Sweet Home' door mat (detachable).
- Good to know: This will create a reasonably well closed terrarium (the lid will lightly sit on the house base). This means it is suitable for plants that like high humidity e.g. ferns and mosses. Terrariums are very low maintenance; simply remove the roof every 1-2 weeks to add some fresh air, and use a fine mist spray bottle to water occasionally.
- Disclaimer: this is not suitable a fish tank, for a variety of reasons.
- Fun fact: I'm a small home enthusiast, and am living out my tiny home fantasies in acrylic until they actualise.
- Watch a time lapse of me making assembling this: