Custom Kitten Vase


This listing allows you to order a custom kitten vase, which will be made to your colour and mood requests.

How it Works:
After checking out with this listing, email with the information requested below. You can be as specific or as general as you would like, (feel free to link to pictures on my social media accounts for reference).
- What emotion would you like the kitten face to be? e.g. happy with open eyes, happy with closed eyes, sleepy, sad, indifferent, Halloween, etc.
- Do you have a preference for the 'side' colour? I usually do them clear, but have some other colours available e.g. glittery silver, solid white, etc.
- What kind of 'crown' would you prefer (if any)? e.g. rainbow hearts, flowers only, hearts only, etc.
- Is there anything else that I should know? e.g. if you have a strong dislike for certain colours, or your home colour scheme is purely white, etc.

Please note:
I will make your vase to your requests. However, I enjoy one-offs, so it will never be exactly the same as one that I have made previously. I'll also allow myself creative freedom to make it how I envision. This is essential to keep it fun for me, keep some mystery in this process, and create a super unique vase for you.

About the Vase:
- Made to order, with a turn around of 1-2 weeks.
- Can hang on the wall (via the keyhole in the back) or sit on a flat surface.
- Is handmade and has qualities of a handmade item. Acrylic may have small marks/scratches on it (as part of the manufacture process).
- Approximate dimensions are 17cm wide, 12cm tall, 5cm deep.